Revenue Cycle Management: Upside Risk Contract Management



Duration:Approx 50 min

Instructors:Coral MED and Guest Speakers

Learning Credits:1.5 CEU

*This course was recorded on Oct 04, 2023.


This course provides a deep dive into the principles and practices of Upside Risk Contract Management within the context of revenue management. Participants will explore strategies for identifying, evaluating, and capitalizing on positive risks to enhance revenue streams. The course combines theoretical concepts with practical applications, emphasizing the importance of effective contract management in optimizing revenue opportunities.

1. Understand the fundamentals of revenue management and its connection to upside risk. 2. Identify and categorize different types of upside risks in revenue management scenarios. 3. Learn methods for assessing and quantifying upside risks to inform decision-making. 4. Explore various contract structures and negotiation strategies that leverage upside risks. 5. Develop skills in integrating legal, compliance, and technological considerations into upside risk contracts. 6. Analyze real-world cases to apply theoretical knowledge in practical situations. 7. Evaluate the impact of upside risk management on overall business strategy.
By the end of the course, participants should be able to: Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between revenue management and upside risk. 1. Identify and assess various types of upside risks, recognizing opportunities for revenue enhancement. 2. Apply contract structures and negotiation strategies to capitalize on upside risks effectively. 3. Integrate legal, compliance, and technological considerations into the design and execution of upside risk contracts. 4. Analyze and evaluate real-world cases to make informed decisions in upside risk management. 5. Align upside risk management practices with broader business strategies for sustained growth.
Participants are expected to have a foundational understanding of business management and contract principles. While there are no strict prerequisites, individuals with prior exposure to revenue management, contract management, or risk management will find the course content more accessible. Familiarity with basic financial concepts is also beneficial.
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1. Revenue Managers 2. Technology Managers 3. Business Analysts 4. Data Analysts 5. Operations Managers 6. Entrepreneurs and Business Owners 7. IT Professionals in Revenue-Driven Industries