• Customized Services
    We don’t work from a one-size-fits-all formula
  • Data Driven
    Robust data analytics and reporting solutions
  • Outcome Oriented

    We implement long-term, outcome-oriented strategies

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Coral MED is dedicated to providing cutting-edge healthcare IT solutions that empower providers, enhance patient care, and streamline operations. Through our commitment to excellence and collaboration, we strive to drive positive change in the healthcare industry, delivering measurable impact and value to our clients and partners.


At Coral MED, our vision is to lead the transformation of healthcare through innovative technology solutions, fostering healthier communities and improving lives worldwide.

Our Strategy


Creating financially aligned provider network synergies.


Integrated reporting, data optimization and visualization.


Align reimbursement to capture revenue tied to performance.


Simplify complexity, achieve performance and financial goals.

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Network Transformation

Provider Network Management.

Clinical Integration

Care Delivery Transformation

Clinical Quality

Performance metrics governance.

Health Information Systems

 Cinical workflows enhancements and streamlined interoperability

Robust Analytics

Big Data Technologies.

Reimbursement Integration

Effective VBC Models.

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Our Clients

We provide a one-stop shop to our boutique of delegated business admin services and functions. Our team of experts has a proven track record of guiding small and middle-size practices achieve their clinical and financial goals.

Healthcare Providers

We provide business administration and management services that are customizized to fit all medical practices, based on size and need.

Third Party Payers

Third-party payers clients include commercial payers and governmental agencies or any other entities managing healthcare reimburements.

Federal and State Regulators

State and Federal regulatory agencies that regulate clinical care quality, outcomes and,resource use.

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Join our professional community of practice, and together, we will create innovative healthcare solutions!